Friday, 26 April 2013

Craftworld Arithym Aegis Defence Line completed.

Hey there everyone!

BigGrim here. Work on my Craftworld forces continues. My efforts have be invigorated with the rumours that we Eldar are finally getting a new Codex in June. (Typical. Just after converting another two Nightwings. Ah well!)

Been slowly working on an Eldar Aegis Defence Line and two 6 man Jetseer Councils.

Got the Aegis Defence Line completed tonight!

Aegis sections :

 Complete Aegis Defence Line :

Quad Scatter Laser & Long Barrelled Bright Lance :

The Aegis Lines are sculpted by Garage_Models on Ebay.

They took a bit of cleaning but are over all good quality.

The Weapons are made from two Guardian Platforms, numerous Falcon Scatter Lasers, a Falcon Pulse Laser and a platform Bright Lance with misc. plastic pieces. Over all, very happy with them. Still got their bases to do but they are good to go!

Now to focus on the Jet Seers! Will post once they are complete. Also have a 'how to' to put together showing how I converted Razorwings into Nightwings (though it may well be a bit late with a new Fighter/bomber kit coming in June.)

Hope you like!

~ BigGrim

Saturday, 16 March 2013

1250 tested!

Finally got around to testing out my 1250 list for invasion! In case you haven't read here it is:

Keeper of secrets lvl3 psyker
20 daemonettes, allures, rapturous standard
20 daemonettes, allures, rapturous standard
20 seekers, Heartseeker, icon
Daemon prince, slaanesh, wings, psyker lvl3

I was up against blood angels (he had upgrades scattered about like power fists but here's the gist):

7 terminators
2 sang preists
5 devastators with missiles
2 tac squads with razorbacks
Land raider with flamestorms and melta.

He got a pointless warlord trait and I scored insta death melee on the keeper.
Keeper got invis, puppet master and cacaphonic roar
Prince got smite, life leech and cacaphonic roar

Turn 1
He set up first but I managed to seize the initiative but no night fighting.
Failed to cast invis (roll 11) on seekers so everything moved up.
2 seekers died from dangerous terrain tests. The daemon prince flys right up to the land raider.

I use puppet master on his lasback and use it to destroy the other lasback :) FTW!
Everything else except the prince runs up to his front line.
(The warp storm was the rot glorious rot but only rolled 6 on the raider which couldn't be harmed by it)

His shooting got much more effective. Killing 10 daemonettes from one squad with frag missiles,
10 seekers with the land raider and other units.

Turn 2
The masque arrives and drops on the seekers icon and 12" from the devastators ;)
The seekers move up to the remaining lasback and squad losing 2 from dangerous terrain
Daemonettes move up towards land raider
Keeper and prince move up to land raider
Keeper failed to cast invis again! Taking a perils on the double 6

The masque reduces the devastators to bs1
The keeper uses puppet master on the land raider to fir the multimelta at the lasback but only glances it

The roll gave khornes wrath and hit the dp, land raider, unit from the lasback earlier, lasback AND devastators! A LOT of 6's but they all scattered off targets apart from the tac squad that killed 2.

Seekers charge the lasback killing it
DP and seeker charge the land raider blowing it up

His movement saw his unit of terms and Seth to split up. Seth and the priest making one unit and the terms another.
The squads from the lasbacks moved up to the seekers.

His devastators shot blasts at the masque (they're bs1) and not 1 of them scattered!! Needless to say she died but the job was done.
The tac squads dropped the seekers down to 3.
The terms shot the keeper to death
Seths unit shot the prince but did nothing.

He charged Seth and the priest into the prince and the prince challenged. Seth caused 2 wounds and the prince none!! He passed his instability test though.
The tac squads wiped out the seekers.

Turn 3
The daemonettes move up to charge the terminators.

No shooting and a double 1 on the warp storm :( but I passed ALL instability tests!!!!!

The 10 daemonettes left charge the terms and lose none to overwatch.
The full 20 man unit charge both the terms AND seths unit and pop the banner to drop their ws by only 1 (d3)
The daemonettes kill 4 terms and Seth and the prince do nothing to each other he kills 3 daemonettes with the terms.

His turn he had nothing to shoot at his 2 tac squads moved up.

In combat Seth and the prince do nothing to each other again! And the daemonettes wipe the terms freeing the small nettes squad up. They consolidate 3" toward the tac squads.

Turn 4!
The 10 nettes move up to the tac squads

I roll summon on the warp storm and 10 new daemonettes come in on the icon near the tac squads :)
Seth wounds the daemon prince and the Damon prince misses all three times (smash attacking).
The few daemonettes attacking the priest do nothing too :( bad combat for me!

He moves up and uses his tac squads to shoot the new daemonettes and kills 3
The devastators shoot at the other unit killing 8!

He charges the damonettes and I kill 2 tac marines he kills 3 daemonettes but I pass instability again.
Seth finally dies to a single slap from the prince and the priest gets mulched by 19 daemonettes they consolidate 6" each.

Turn 5

Daemon prince flies towards the devastators, the big unit of nettes move toward them too and the two remai ing nettes move towards the combat.

The prince uses smite and life leech killing a devastator and the sang preist getting a wound back for his efforts.

Warp storm does nothing

Big squad of nettes run out of sight of devastators

Combat sees the squad of 3 nettes and squad of 2 hitting the two units of 2 tac marines. Drop them down to just 2 and he kills none.

His turn he tries to shoot all the devastators at the prince with krak and hit once but fails to wound (I passed grounded test).

The damonettes kill the last of the tac squad.

And that was it! No turn 6 (we did play it anyway as he wanted to try and kill the prince but I shot life leech and smite at the devastators and killed all but 1 and gave me another wound back)

So in the end he had killed t he seekers, masque, keeper and slay the warlord
I had 2 lasback, 2 tac squads, 2 sang priest, terms, Seth, land raider, slay the warlord, first blood, line breaker

End result: 4:12 to the daemons!

Things I learned? Space out more! Those blast weapons damage daemonettes!!!!

Not bad though for my first game using this army! A lot of new rules, units and abilities in there! Never used cavalry before for one!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Preparing for invasion.....

Decided I'd go down to an invasion event for the first time. Then I found out it was 1250 points and wondered if I'd be able to knock up a list using my CSM at so small a points compared to what I'm used to! Then I had an epiphany..... Why not use my new daemons?! So sat at work bored out my mind I started hashing out points costs from memory. Here's what I came up with (its pretty gun ho and I know a lot of people will say use smaller units but I prefer a massive unit).

Mono god list!

The Masque - 75pts
Keeper of secrets - an extra psyker level - 195

20x daemonettes - alluress, rapturous standard - 215
20x daemonettes - alluress, rapturous standard - 215

Fast Attack
20x Seekers - Heartseeker, Rapturous Standard

Heavy support
Daemon prince - Flight, psyker level 3, daemon of slaanesh - 270

That gives me a grand total of 1245 points with nothing to spend 5 points on.... I a, sorely tempted to make the seekers a normal icon instead of the rapturous standard as its 20points for them. This would give 25 points to spend which is the exact amount to make the keeper psyker level 3 too. Why you might ask? Basically biomancy...... Endurance is beastly on those big units and if both are level three its a total of 4 rolls max on the biomancy chart. Enfeeble is also a sweet ride when the mass of my army is S3.

That being said I'm severely tempted to use telepathy for a change. There's some sweet powers in there that could very well benefit my army. Making a shooty gun line shoot their own guys? That's a weakness in the army covered (lack of ranged weapons)..... And invisibility. I don't even need to say how useful that would be!

Seeing as after a week of frantic buying and building I'm only 3 models short of this list WYSIWYG (keeper, mask, DP) then it's looking likely this is what I'll take. Think ill get it play tested soon though. Will be very interesting how a mono god works as I can easily expand this list to larger point values.

Oh before I go, the 20 seekers that people so far go "why have you not taken 2 units of 10?!"

The answer: you can almost stretch from one end of the board to the other with that giving everything behind it cover, cast invis on it for a minimum 4+save (easily hide 25%of the unit however seeing how stretched out they are across the table meaning unless the enemy focus fires you'll have a 2+ save FFS).... The unit reaches charge distance from enemy lines in turn 1 and is ideal for dropping the masque right where you want her for a dance off. This is how I'm using it at the moment and its brutal.

Right that's me! Ill post more when I play this list and let you know how it gets on preferably with a battle report!

The ladies are here....

Well after Wednesdays game I went and purchased my supply of daemonettes I needed. 20 seeker and 40 'nettes being assembled slow time here.

Most people will see the 20 seekers unit and think "well that escalated quickly" and maybe it's a little overboard. But it's just so hard to resist having 81 rending attacks plus hammer of wrath and then stamped with the ability to move between 19" and 24" per turn..... That's enough to strike fear in anyone heart. The fact they can outflank too is hideous. To make them worse they have the rapturous standard and generally I've planned to do the "Masque bomb" and basically ride these into position turn 1 for the masque to drop in on their icon.

Well back to building...... So tiny peices!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First use of the new Daemons!

Well guys I got my grubby little mitts on the daemon codex today and threw a list together within about 15 minutes to play against some dark eldar. It was a hash bash list but here it goes (I really struggled spending the last 50-60 points hence why units had upgrades I wouldn't normally bother with).

Primary detatchment

Daemon Prince - Daemon of Slaanesh, Wings, Power Armour, Spell Familiar, Black Mace, Psyker Mastery Level 3
Chaos Lord - mark of slaanesh, gift of mutation, power sword

10 Noise Marines - gom,Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters
10 Noise Marines -gom, Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters

Aegis - quad gun

Secondary detatchment

The masque of slaanesh

Daemonettes x20
Daemonettes x20
2x rapturous standard
2x alluress
2x greater rewards

Fast attack
Seekers of slaanesh x20
Rapturous standard
Greater reward

These were the warlord trait, powers, gifts of mutation and Gifts I rolled.

Warlord trait: hatred
Daemon prince- iron arm, endurance, hysterical frenzy

Noise Marine squad 1: Shrouded

Noise Marine squad 2: +1 initiative

Heart seeker - lash

Daemonettes - lash

Daemonettes - hellfire gaze

First off let's talk about all this rolling..... We timed it all tonight and to roll all the powers/traits/gifts, mark em down and get my units on the table it took 14 minutes.... Not bad considering I'd only looked at the book for 10 minutes before hand. It doesn't really add that much more than when people roll for red thirst in blood angels or combat drugs or anything else in reality and everyone is seemingly jumping on board the panic wagon.

I won't bother running through the whole game but if you're taking allies and slaanesh stuff then the masque is a must. I ran 20 seekers to his front line on the first turn. 2 large units of 'nettles hot on his heels and with endurance the seekers had FNP. The enemy opened up on the seekers taking them all but 6 left. But the icon remained meaning the masquedroppedin like a bomb. Those dances..... For 75 points? Seriously she's like a marbo of the daemon world!

Blastmasters excelled as always and I relied heavily on the aegis staying alive to take out his flyer when it came on (which it did at 2's to hit re rolling). I originally planned to uses helldrake but thought I would play nice and try out these gifts and banners.

At one point I charged 3 separate units with a squad. Why you ask? Welllllll, the masque made one unable to over watch (the massive shooty unit) and the daemonettesx 20 had +1A from hysterical frenzy anyway. So they charged in and activated their banner. ALL enemy models in that combat lost 3WS. Won combat by 6 and that was that. It's a nasty hitting tactic if you pull it off but hey it works.

Kinda felt a little like this guy in the end though:

Monday, 4 March 2013

The big clear out!

So the daemon codex has landed and with it the new problem of how to fund these expensive plastic crack addictions!

Way back when 6th first dropped I wanted an emperors children and daemonettes army and now it is most definitely viable. So time to offload some old stuff that's collecting dust on my shelf. First thing to go is my tau empire army. 750 points of it was speed painted in about 3 weeks last year to make the doubles tournament. Seems a shame to sell something that holds memories but in truth I rarely use them, don't enjoy the army play style and would rather expand on the pinky madness!

Stuck this on eBay today. Over £150 worth of models alone without the decent paint job. If they sell its time for a whole load more slaanesh madness! (I'm talking boosting my current 4k to about 8k!!!)

Friday, 1 March 2013

Rumours and future planning!

With the chaos daemon codex drop coming this weekend I've been trawling through the rumours as my current project (CSM slaaneshi style) was planned originally waaaay before the csm codex dropped to be a mix between slaanesh daemons and csm's. after seeing the price of units in the csm dex however it really made me think about deep striking those squishy ladies with one boob.

With the new codex coming and DAEMONIC assault out the window I'm looking again at including these in my list to make it look even better on the tabletop! There's nothing cooler than a mono do army IMO! I'm thinking of including 2 heralds, 2 nuts of daemonettes and a large unit of seekers. Rumour has it that both the daemonettes and seekers have dropped in points and are still as brutal in cc (10 seekers = 120 points...... My chaos lord alone is 160 and not nearly as effective in combat!). Unfortunately it is The Lord that gives me noise marines as troops so in reality the first thing to go would be the 360 point daemon prince of ultimate cheese aka "Mr. Tickles" as Cypher calls him. I'm praying against all reason that the 75pt Masque will get IC and not just be mono otherwise it'll be standard heralds I use.

Suppose we won't find out until Saturday for sure but when it does drop ill make a decision. Watch this space though.......

As a parting shot do any of you run mono god lists? Do you find them successful? Do you prefer them aesthetically? I know I sure do but I like to hear other people's thoughts.