Saturday, 9 April 2011

Painting the cloak...

A few people have asked how I've painted the pathfinder so I'm going to break it down. Unfortunately I don't have any step-by-step pictures at the moment but soon I will!

Stage 1: Basecoat the entire cloak with a 50/50 of Cathalan Brown and Scorched Brown

Stage 2: Use a watered down Scorched Brown to shade the recesses. (it won't look too dramatic at the moment)

Stage 3: Wash the entire cloak with a very watered down mix of the 50/50 mix from stage one and Badab Black. It should be 1:1:1:6 (maybe even higher water content)

Stage 4: First highlight with the 50/50 mix again

Stage 5: Second highlight with Cathalan Brown

Stage 6: Third highlight with a 1:2 vomit brown/water mix (be careful here not to "pool" the water in the recesses)

Stage 7: Extreme highlights with either a 1:2 mix of Bleached Bone/Vomit Brown (if you're feeling brave use pure Bleached Bone)

And that's it. All primer is Chaos Black spray and always keep a spare brush dry at the side to quickly catch any running paint. Feel free to comment any questions!

Enjoy, Terabyt3!

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  1. That's a corkin' result you got there. Will have to chat with you regarding this for my own Pathfinders in due time.