Friday, 8 March 2013

The ladies are here....

Well after Wednesdays game I went and purchased my supply of daemonettes I needed. 20 seeker and 40 'nettes being assembled slow time here.

Most people will see the 20 seekers unit and think "well that escalated quickly" and maybe it's a little overboard. But it's just so hard to resist having 81 rending attacks plus hammer of wrath and then stamped with the ability to move between 19" and 24" per turn..... That's enough to strike fear in anyone heart. The fact they can outflank too is hideous. To make them worse they have the rapturous standard and generally I've planned to do the "Masque bomb" and basically ride these into position turn 1 for the masque to drop in on their icon.

Well back to building...... So tiny peices!

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