Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ork Mek Workshop

Hi all!

Finaly got around to building and painting some of my forgeworld goodies, starting with the Mega Dread and the Grot Bot. Both were actualy a joy to build :D

Ill take you step by step through how i paint my Ork machines as i post pictures.

Mega Dread

Step 1. for both models Sspray black and heavy dry brush boltgun metal them. Then lightly and sporadically spatter flesh wash over them.

Grot Bot

If all goes to plan these should both be finished sometime next week, i just need to find me a base for the Mega Dread...



  1. Nice! I'll be watching for further updates!

  2. For the base I mounted mine on the oval Base for trygons and valks. Seems to be just right... Food for thought. If you want i can have a dig around for 1 for you.