Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First use of the new Daemons!

Well guys I got my grubby little mitts on the daemon codex today and threw a list together within about 15 minutes to play against some dark eldar. It was a hash bash list but here it goes (I really struggled spending the last 50-60 points hence why units had upgrades I wouldn't normally bother with).

Primary detatchment

Daemon Prince - Daemon of Slaanesh, Wings, Power Armour, Spell Familiar, Black Mace, Psyker Mastery Level 3
Chaos Lord - mark of slaanesh, gift of mutation, power sword

10 Noise Marines - gom,Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters
10 Noise Marines -gom, Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters

Aegis - quad gun

Secondary detatchment

The masque of slaanesh

Daemonettes x20
Daemonettes x20
2x rapturous standard
2x alluress
2x greater rewards

Fast attack
Seekers of slaanesh x20
Rapturous standard
Greater reward

These were the warlord trait, powers, gifts of mutation and Gifts I rolled.

Warlord trait: hatred
Daemon prince- iron arm, endurance, hysterical frenzy

Noise Marine squad 1: Shrouded

Noise Marine squad 2: +1 initiative

Heart seeker - lash

Daemonettes - lash

Daemonettes - hellfire gaze

First off let's talk about all this rolling..... We timed it all tonight and to roll all the powers/traits/gifts, mark em down and get my units on the table it took 14 minutes.... Not bad considering I'd only looked at the book for 10 minutes before hand. It doesn't really add that much more than when people roll for red thirst in blood angels or combat drugs or anything else in reality and everyone is seemingly jumping on board the panic wagon.

I won't bother running through the whole game but if you're taking allies and slaanesh stuff then the masque is a must. I ran 20 seekers to his front line on the first turn. 2 large units of 'nettles hot on his heels and with endurance the seekers had FNP. The enemy opened up on the seekers taking them all but 6 left. But the icon remained meaning the masquedroppedin like a bomb. Those dances..... For 75 points? Seriously she's like a marbo of the daemon world!

Blastmasters excelled as always and I relied heavily on the aegis staying alive to take out his flyer when it came on (which it did at 2's to hit re rolling). I originally planned to uses helldrake but thought I would play nice and try out these gifts and banners.

At one point I charged 3 separate units with a squad. Why you ask? Welllllll, the masque made one unable to over watch (the massive shooty unit) and the daemonettesx 20 had +1A from hysterical frenzy anyway. So they charged in and activated their banner. ALL enemy models in that combat lost 3WS. Won combat by 6 and that was that. It's a nasty hitting tactic if you pull it off but hey it works.

Kinda felt a little like this guy in the end though:

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