Monday, 4 March 2013

The big clear out!

So the daemon codex has landed and with it the new problem of how to fund these expensive plastic crack addictions!

Way back when 6th first dropped I wanted an emperors children and daemonettes army and now it is most definitely viable. So time to offload some old stuff that's collecting dust on my shelf. First thing to go is my tau empire army. 750 points of it was speed painted in about 3 weeks last year to make the doubles tournament. Seems a shame to sell something that holds memories but in truth I rarely use them, don't enjoy the army play style and would rather expand on the pinky madness!

Stuck this on eBay today. Over £150 worth of models alone without the decent paint job. If they sell its time for a whole load more slaanesh madness! (I'm talking boosting my current 4k to about 8k!!!)

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