Friday, 1 March 2013

Rumours and future planning!

With the chaos daemon codex drop coming this weekend I've been trawling through the rumours as my current project (CSM slaaneshi style) was planned originally waaaay before the csm codex dropped to be a mix between slaanesh daemons and csm's. after seeing the price of units in the csm dex however it really made me think about deep striking those squishy ladies with one boob.

With the new codex coming and DAEMONIC assault out the window I'm looking again at including these in my list to make it look even better on the tabletop! There's nothing cooler than a mono do army IMO! I'm thinking of including 2 heralds, 2 nuts of daemonettes and a large unit of seekers. Rumour has it that both the daemonettes and seekers have dropped in points and are still as brutal in cc (10 seekers = 120 points...... My chaos lord alone is 160 and not nearly as effective in combat!). Unfortunately it is The Lord that gives me noise marines as troops so in reality the first thing to go would be the 360 point daemon prince of ultimate cheese aka "Mr. Tickles" as Cypher calls him. I'm praying against all reason that the 75pt Masque will get IC and not just be mono otherwise it'll be standard heralds I use.

Suppose we won't find out until Saturday for sure but when it does drop ill make a decision. Watch this space though.......

As a parting shot do any of you run mono god lists? Do you find them successful? Do you prefer them aesthetically? I know I sure do but I like to hear other people's thoughts.


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