Sunday, 10 April 2011

A new project. The Saim-Hann Wave "Serpent"

Okay so here I go painting my troop carrying tank #1. I could have gone down the route of GW and stayed true to "normal" Saim-Hann colours but where's the fun in that! So wanting something different and setting a challenge for myself I went for an actual scale effect on the tank. These first 3 steps take about an hour including drying time.

Here's the tank basecoated:
This was undercoated using Skull White spray then airbrushed with Red Gore. The Skull white makes the red really stand out compared to a black undercoat. Then a Chaos Black was used with the airgun to "blend and fade on the extremes of the hull.

Next came some shading:
The first step of shading is done using a watered down Scab Red and painting the dips and recesses with that. At fist it won't look like much but when you apply the wash it really darkens it and sinks the darker red well. Once dry wash the whole model ina 1:1:1 mix ox Scab Red:Chaos Black:Badab Black. Ensure that this mix sits in the recesses and once it's dry you should see the effect the Scab Red had on the dipped areas.

Now for the time consuming part:
Painting each scale individually...... I know, right? Using a 50/50 mix of Mechrite Red and Blood Red I've started to paint the individual scales on. They are just solid colour at the moment and I'll shade and highlight each scale when it comes to it. Trying to random pattern the scales and have less scales as it moves toward the black areas. The shading in the first twon steps still shows through the gaps in the scales.

Well that's taken me an hour so far. The next post will hopefully be a scale covered tank ready for some shading and highlighting. Must get back to it I guess. Wish me luck!


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