Friday, 8 March 2013

Preparing for invasion.....

Decided I'd go down to an invasion event for the first time. Then I found out it was 1250 points and wondered if I'd be able to knock up a list using my CSM at so small a points compared to what I'm used to! Then I had an epiphany..... Why not use my new daemons?! So sat at work bored out my mind I started hashing out points costs from memory. Here's what I came up with (its pretty gun ho and I know a lot of people will say use smaller units but I prefer a massive unit).

Mono god list!

The Masque - 75pts
Keeper of secrets - an extra psyker level - 195

20x daemonettes - alluress, rapturous standard - 215
20x daemonettes - alluress, rapturous standard - 215

Fast Attack
20x Seekers - Heartseeker, Rapturous Standard

Heavy support
Daemon prince - Flight, psyker level 3, daemon of slaanesh - 270

That gives me a grand total of 1245 points with nothing to spend 5 points on.... I a, sorely tempted to make the seekers a normal icon instead of the rapturous standard as its 20points for them. This would give 25 points to spend which is the exact amount to make the keeper psyker level 3 too. Why you might ask? Basically biomancy...... Endurance is beastly on those big units and if both are level three its a total of 4 rolls max on the biomancy chart. Enfeeble is also a sweet ride when the mass of my army is S3.

That being said I'm severely tempted to use telepathy for a change. There's some sweet powers in there that could very well benefit my army. Making a shooty gun line shoot their own guys? That's a weakness in the army covered (lack of ranged weapons)..... And invisibility. I don't even need to say how useful that would be!

Seeing as after a week of frantic buying and building I'm only 3 models short of this list WYSIWYG (keeper, mask, DP) then it's looking likely this is what I'll take. Think ill get it play tested soon though. Will be very interesting how a mono god works as I can easily expand this list to larger point values.

Oh before I go, the 20 seekers that people so far go "why have you not taken 2 units of 10?!"

The answer: you can almost stretch from one end of the board to the other with that giving everything behind it cover, cast invis on it for a minimum 4+save (easily hide 25%of the unit however seeing how stretched out they are across the table meaning unless the enemy focus fires you'll have a 2+ save FFS).... The unit reaches charge distance from enemy lines in turn 1 and is ideal for dropping the masque right where you want her for a dance off. This is how I'm using it at the moment and its brutal.

Right that's me! Ill post more when I play this list and let you know how it gets on preferably with a battle report!

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