Saturday, 16 March 2013

1250 tested!

Finally got around to testing out my 1250 list for invasion! In case you haven't read here it is:

Keeper of secrets lvl3 psyker
20 daemonettes, allures, rapturous standard
20 daemonettes, allures, rapturous standard
20 seekers, Heartseeker, icon
Daemon prince, slaanesh, wings, psyker lvl3

I was up against blood angels (he had upgrades scattered about like power fists but here's the gist):

7 terminators
2 sang preists
5 devastators with missiles
2 tac squads with razorbacks
Land raider with flamestorms and melta.

He got a pointless warlord trait and I scored insta death melee on the keeper.
Keeper got invis, puppet master and cacaphonic roar
Prince got smite, life leech and cacaphonic roar

Turn 1
He set up first but I managed to seize the initiative but no night fighting.
Failed to cast invis (roll 11) on seekers so everything moved up.
2 seekers died from dangerous terrain tests. The daemon prince flys right up to the land raider.

I use puppet master on his lasback and use it to destroy the other lasback :) FTW!
Everything else except the prince runs up to his front line.
(The warp storm was the rot glorious rot but only rolled 6 on the raider which couldn't be harmed by it)

His shooting got much more effective. Killing 10 daemonettes from one squad with frag missiles,
10 seekers with the land raider and other units.

Turn 2
The masque arrives and drops on the seekers icon and 12" from the devastators ;)
The seekers move up to the remaining lasback and squad losing 2 from dangerous terrain
Daemonettes move up towards land raider
Keeper and prince move up to land raider
Keeper failed to cast invis again! Taking a perils on the double 6

The masque reduces the devastators to bs1
The keeper uses puppet master on the land raider to fir the multimelta at the lasback but only glances it

The roll gave khornes wrath and hit the dp, land raider, unit from the lasback earlier, lasback AND devastators! A LOT of 6's but they all scattered off targets apart from the tac squad that killed 2.

Seekers charge the lasback killing it
DP and seeker charge the land raider blowing it up

His movement saw his unit of terms and Seth to split up. Seth and the priest making one unit and the terms another.
The squads from the lasbacks moved up to the seekers.

His devastators shot blasts at the masque (they're bs1) and not 1 of them scattered!! Needless to say she died but the job was done.
The tac squads dropped the seekers down to 3.
The terms shot the keeper to death
Seths unit shot the prince but did nothing.

He charged Seth and the priest into the prince and the prince challenged. Seth caused 2 wounds and the prince none!! He passed his instability test though.
The tac squads wiped out the seekers.

Turn 3
The daemonettes move up to charge the terminators.

No shooting and a double 1 on the warp storm :( but I passed ALL instability tests!!!!!

The 10 daemonettes left charge the terms and lose none to overwatch.
The full 20 man unit charge both the terms AND seths unit and pop the banner to drop their ws by only 1 (d3)
The daemonettes kill 4 terms and Seth and the prince do nothing to each other he kills 3 daemonettes with the terms.

His turn he had nothing to shoot at his 2 tac squads moved up.

In combat Seth and the prince do nothing to each other again! And the daemonettes wipe the terms freeing the small nettes squad up. They consolidate 3" toward the tac squads.

Turn 4!
The 10 nettes move up to the tac squads

I roll summon on the warp storm and 10 new daemonettes come in on the icon near the tac squads :)
Seth wounds the daemon prince and the Damon prince misses all three times (smash attacking).
The few daemonettes attacking the priest do nothing too :( bad combat for me!

He moves up and uses his tac squads to shoot the new daemonettes and kills 3
The devastators shoot at the other unit killing 8!

He charges the damonettes and I kill 2 tac marines he kills 3 daemonettes but I pass instability again.
Seth finally dies to a single slap from the prince and the priest gets mulched by 19 daemonettes they consolidate 6" each.

Turn 5

Daemon prince flies towards the devastators, the big unit of nettes move toward them too and the two remai ing nettes move towards the combat.

The prince uses smite and life leech killing a devastator and the sang preist getting a wound back for his efforts.

Warp storm does nothing

Big squad of nettes run out of sight of devastators

Combat sees the squad of 3 nettes and squad of 2 hitting the two units of 2 tac marines. Drop them down to just 2 and he kills none.

His turn he tries to shoot all the devastators at the prince with krak and hit once but fails to wound (I passed grounded test).

The damonettes kill the last of the tac squad.

And that was it! No turn 6 (we did play it anyway as he wanted to try and kill the prince but I shot life leech and smite at the devastators and killed all but 1 and gave me another wound back)

So in the end he had killed t he seekers, masque, keeper and slay the warlord
I had 2 lasback, 2 tac squads, 2 sang priest, terms, Seth, land raider, slay the warlord, first blood, line breaker

End result: 4:12 to the daemons!

Things I learned? Space out more! Those blast weapons damage daemonettes!!!!

Not bad though for my first game using this army! A lot of new rules, units and abilities in there! Never used cavalry before for one!

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