Sunday, 24 April 2011

Just saying hello!

Hey guys been quiet for a week or two now, shock, horror I know. I'm on HOLIDAY! (sweeeet). Between eating, sleeping, drinking, looking for a new car and more drinking I managed to haul my 2000pt eldar army down to GW Metrocentre. Unfortunately I could only find 1500pts armies to play. So with reluctance I got rid of 500pts from my army. Was panicked at first as it was a hard hitting 500pts I removed.

I ended up playing against a 'nid army. Must say it's been a while since I played 'nids and was worried about it at first (with reason too Cypher as I wasn't playing kids. Hehehehe). But at the end of turn 5 my opponent surrendered with the score sitting at 11-1 to me and him wanting to throw my seer council on the floor and jump up and down on them until they were atomized. With due reason too when they took out a Hive Hyrant, Tervigon, big squad of Warriors and 3 squads of 'gaunts.

It was a game of heroes for the Eldar though. On turn 1 the pathfinders stripped 4 wounds from the doomed hive tyrant and then repeated that show when a Trigon Prime materialized in front of them. Although I did end up killing the big beasty by chargin Dire Avengers into it. How the hell dd I get away with that :D

Anyway I'm still painting a few things but I'm off to see Derren Brown and I'm away for a few nights so for now peoples, take care!


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