Saturday, 9 April 2011


Here's a few pics from our recent apoc' game. Obvious not all models were finished but was a good laugh and gave us a chance to be a bit more "eccentric". 5-6 players ea. side feilding 2000 points of models.

 Big Kev landing his Cloudstrike Squadron there! A nasty formation of Falcons that can FLY! Oh yeah and they get the chance to have 2 shot Bright Lances!
 Necrons at the back?! That ain't right! Where's the Brass Scorpion? Oh that's right it got ruined on turn one. Can't let one of those rampage about unchecked!
 Dark Eldar paper-tanks against that many fire prisms? It's going to be messy!
Oh dear oh dear. Gav's epicfail tanks! One dies from a chain reaction after a pulsar shot to the front from Big Kev's Pulsar toting Scorpion and the other failed to hit/wound/damage for the rest of the game (well until someone else rolled for him!)

More Apoc to come in the future. A few people now have real titans. It should be interesting....

Peace out, Terabyt3!


  1. Hah! Making Gav cry with that Pulsar shot will ever be a memory I cherish! :)

  2. :( i hate eldar super heavies :P