Friday, 26 April 2013

Craftworld Arithym Aegis Defence Line completed.

Hey there everyone!

BigGrim here. Work on my Craftworld forces continues. My efforts have be invigorated with the rumours that we Eldar are finally getting a new Codex in June. (Typical. Just after converting another two Nightwings. Ah well!)

Been slowly working on an Eldar Aegis Defence Line and two 6 man Jetseer Councils.

Got the Aegis Defence Line completed tonight!

Aegis sections :

 Complete Aegis Defence Line :

Quad Scatter Laser & Long Barrelled Bright Lance :

The Aegis Lines are sculpted by Garage_Models on Ebay.

They took a bit of cleaning but are over all good quality.

The Weapons are made from two Guardian Platforms, numerous Falcon Scatter Lasers, a Falcon Pulse Laser and a platform Bright Lance with misc. plastic pieces. Over all, very happy with them. Still got their bases to do but they are good to go!

Now to focus on the Jet Seers! Will post once they are complete. Also have a 'how to' to put together showing how I converted Razorwings into Nightwings (though it may well be a bit late with a new Fighter/bomber kit coming in June.)

Hope you like!

~ BigGrim

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