Friday, 15 April 2011

Flatbed Waggon

My first love has always been Orks...i will play them until the day i die :D I thought id show my Flatbed Battlewaggon, a simple conversion where i wanted to really show how open topped a waggon could be, and still look like it could hit speed. I left off the side armour and added clipped down trukk rails for it, after all the orks still gotta have something to hold onto as it speeds away! I also repositioned the exhaust as it no longer had its mount on the side of the armour, it was easy just to swivel it in its place.

Painting was simple. so here is a relatively simple guide! Army Painter dragon red undercoat, boltgun metal on large areas like the tracks and rolla and dry brush on some wear to the red, once dry add dabs of the old flesh wash to the metal areas. Badab black was the entire model.

Details - scratches done in mithril silver, i only add these to areas where badab black has slightly pooled as it make it look like battle damage. Also tip any spikes with mithril. All yellow details were done freehand in slightly watered down Iyanden darksun and then more dabs of flesh was added to the bolts etc for rusty details. All tracks and wheels are sporadically dry brushed with scorched earth for that muddy look.

As for the crew - ill do a post on the steps i take to paint all my Orks in the future :)



  1. Very nice buddy :) orkses rool!!!! You have inspired me to put up pics of my orks :) orks with salvaged Tau gear and vehicles :)

  2. Very nice job dude! Plus it's red!