Tuesday, 12 April 2011

BadTucker joins!

Hi all!

I'm BadTucker and i'm new to Vaulcraft but ill be showcasing pics, tips, news and whatever else i find/dream up that is Games Workshop related right here. A good start is this pic - received via email today from Kev of his new pathfinders.

Its a bit fuzzy - ill see if he can send me a higher quality one ;)


  1. I'd be interested in some tips on painting that yellow kev! Horrible colour to keep smooth on the model as it dries quicker than you blink. Nice leather cloaks mind!

  2. Aye, I'll be talkin' with Kev and yerself regarding your results on your pathfinders for when I do my own.

  3. Tucker now has some new photos and I am now starting Prince Yriel and will take snap shots along the way. Keep a look out for these and will post how did also if anyone interested.