Thursday, 14 April 2011

That wasn't too bad....

As the title says it turns out my adjustments were actually pretty good. First match of the league (starting early as a few of us are away on holiday) tonight and I drew the short straw playing against Cyphers dreaded Irn Bru-esque Orks. With lists still to be finalised I can't go into too much detail but a few things of note would be; 2x Bladestorms on a doomed unit and only inflicting 2 wounds (Yay for my dice!), it was a very close game, from two 2000pt lists over 3000 victory points were scored, it would have been a draw if I could bloody roll a hit on the last turn! In the end Cypher won 7-6 but I claimed back some dignity on victory points. A very bloody battle and quite frankly one of the more fun ones I've had in a while.

A final note to all, Cypher's army may look mean but all he really wants is a hug!



  1. That may be true :P Tho you put up one hell of a fight. Considering some fantastic dice rolling on your part.......NOT!

    i think your new list does have some serious advantages over the last. However the fear that the units you removed added to the army let other Dangerous units run around with all the Eldar bits hanging out.

    Good Game my young Padawan

  2. *I'll get you next time gadget* (ref. Mind War)

  3. I think Cypher just needs a hug too. hehe