Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hi there Everyone!

BigGrim here with my first Vaulcraft post. An update chock full of Banshee Goodness!

My Howling Banshee Squad is complete and based!



These girls will be one of the Squads I'm taking down to Nottingham in September for the Double Tournie.

Also, the first of my Psychic Markers is complete and based.



The Wail of the Banshee signifies Doom in Eldar Lore. The new tomb banshee is an awesome model, so I wanted one for my Doom markers. I will have three total, but this is my test. I think it came out nicely.

I have the three Fortune markers painted but they need basing. Will be doing that tomorrow as well as building my Guide markers and remaining two tomb banshees. They ought to be fast enough to do.

Will also try to finish the War Walkers canopies and bases and rebase the Farseer I'll be taking to the Doubles with the Banshees.

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