Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Aegis Defence Line

Okay so I got a bit sloppy with this conversion. I really couldn't be bothered with too much hacking and slicing but at the same time I didn't want spikes stuck all over this to make it look chaosified (DEFINATELY not a word). The aegis I wanted was more a piece of equipment that had been used since the legion were loyalists and over time it had been patched up and repaired. The Aquila have all been defaced (will have gore and such on them eventually) and a few chaos symbols and plates fitted to repair battle damage.

Originally I wanted to remove the barrels from the quad gun and replace it with blastmasters but got lazy and decided that was enough!

Anyway here's the base coating of screamer pink. Ill layer this up gradually using the airbrush but there's gonna be a LOT of gold on this bit of kit.

Then again all Emp Children gear should be gaudy huh?

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