Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Today's offerings!

Today's offerings to the dark gods came in the form of me saying to myself "let's get the first stage highlight done on that aegis"...... Which then turned out to become first stage highlighting on the flying prince, aegis and two heldrakes....... What can I say I had the mixture there in the pot ready :D

Also if you look closely you might spot a few extra touches on the mauler where I've 4th highlighted the face and done a wee bit of gold on the standard prince (only used for dark apotheosis and test painting).

The helldrakes are both worked up from black and given 3-4 light coats of screamer pink. Then I loaded up pink horror tonight and gave the whole thing a light dusting of it to bring out some shadows before using it to highlight along edges. Liking the results so far and another airbrush highlight to go yet before the brushwork begins!

Wish me luck as that final highlight is on the cards for tomorrow night :p


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