Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What I'm running lately.....

So as the title suggests this is basically what I'm running in my lists around now. Most typically I play 2000 points but occasionally drop to 1850, 1500 or even 750 in some cases! Ill try and keep this feature frequent and welcome any comments or suggestions. Or e mail an article on what you run and ill publish it!

Before I start though we must all be clear on one thing...... No list is unbeatable. Yes some are min/maxed more than others but the current trend with 6th ed and the 6th ed codices so far show us that each army has a strong weakness to at least 1 other. So by no means is this a "perfect build" feature (with the 6th ed 'dexes I don't think that's possible anymore anyway!) but rather what I'm finding success with.

So as anyone reading this is aware I'm currently running a chaos space marine army as main army of choice these days. The eldar and tau are shelved (for the time) and wolves were sold off before they got a chance. I'd decided on CSM before the codex dropped after reading Fulgrim and The Primarchs from the Horus heresy series. I had decided right then that I'd want to start a bright, gaudy and noise filled army and didn't even know if solo god armies were feasible. I decided to hold off for a while as the codex was on the horizon and when it dropped I found slaanesh had one hell of a major boost with FNP being available. At first I've had a few games getting beaten bloody (getting used to an entirely different style of army AND a new codex will do that lol) but I'm running a list now that is 5 games in and unbeaten having gone up against 'nids, blood angels, vanilla marines, wolves and the new dark angels so far.

So here is the list:

Chaos List

Chaos Lord - Jump Pack, Sigil of Corruption, Mark of Slaanesh, Murder Sword, Gift of Mutation, Veteran of the Long War, Melta Bombs, Ichor Blood - 180
Daemon Prince - Daemon of Slaanesh, Wings, Power Armour, Spell Familiar, Black Mace, Psyker Mastery Level 3 - 360

10 Noise Marines - Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters - 296
10 Noise Marines - Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters - 296
10 Noise Marines - Melta Bombs, 2 Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 7 Sonic Blasters - 296

10 Raptors - Power Sword, Melta Bombs, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Meltaguns, VOTLW - 302
Helldrake - Baleflamer - 170

Aegis Defence Line - Quad Gun - 100

Very elite but it doesn't half pack a punch! Blastmasters and sonic weapons are an absolute beauty of ranged firepower. Dropping units of terminators through sheer weight of shots or ignoring cover and armour on the armies that rely on cover and poor armour such as DE or horde orks.
The DP can pretty much go toe to toe with all but 2-3 things I'm the game and walk away smiling but his biggest boon is his synergy with the rest if the army I've found so far. Yes it's nice when he gets iron arm on the roll at the start but his most dangerous abilities so far have been giving noise marines endurance.... Move and fire all weapons as if stationary? NICE! 30" 3 shot bolsters that ignore over effectively. Or blastmasters that can move to get a better angle on side armour. The most vicious thing is getting the slaanesh power that gives you either +1 s,i or a. Cast this on the raptor squad as you're moving up and it's game over for whatever they hit.

Like I say this is not anywhere near an unbeatable list and I constructed it based on a little background story I made up. But it is potent and there really isn't much that it couldn't deal with short of a similar list or nids (even then it'd black their eyes if it didn't win).

Judging from some of the new chaos daemon rumours we're hearing I am sorely tempted to drop The Lord and the raptors in favour of 2 heralds leading daemonettes and a squad of seekers. Would be extremely vicious and cheap!



  1. Hey bud, just thought I'd offer some advice on the list. I, too, am building up a slaanesh marines force.

    1. Drop the ichor blood on the lord. Its extremely circumstantial, and even if you CAN use it, you can only do so 2-3 times (BEST case scenario) before the lord is dead anyway. Its just not worth it.

    2. That Demon prince is ABSURDLY expensive! I know, i know...ive heard stories of princes with the mace killing everything forever. But still...360pts for a T5 model with 4 wounds and at BEST a +3/+5? Take a slaanesh sorceror on foot at the same mastery level, boost the effectiveness of your noise marines, and all for a FRACTION of the points costs.

    3. Whew...those noise marine units. Wow. Thats pretty elite, dude! haha! Might I suggest taking a unit like this:

    15 men in total
    1 is the champ (who also serves as the icon bearer for the FNP)
    2 are blastmasters
    6-8 are sonic blasters
    the rest are ablative, bolter grunts.

    This way, the enemy has to chew through roughly 7-8 random jackasses before they get to the real threat (all those pricey sonic weapons). Plus, if you do need to move up, at least the bolters can fire on the move so you're not totally useless.

    The raptors are also really pricey, but it IS a pretty badass unit. My only concern here would be "is it worth it to pay the points for that expensive banner when theres only 10 dudes?". With the lord in there, i'd say probably. But still...

    I might suggest removing the lord and demon prince and replace them both with sorcerors, ML3. One on foot to hang back with the noise marines, the other to move forward with a bike or jump pack in combination with the raptors. The slaanesh psychic powers are ALL useful. ALL of them. You cant go wrong! And the synergy is incredible. Casting 6 psychic powers a turn, buffing and debuffing mostly, before shooting and charging is just straight up NASTY.

    Just my opinion, mate. Good luck out there!

  2. Lol yeah man the Ichor blood was just a case of 5 points being left over at then end of the build so slapped it on. It's pretty useless to be honest.

    Trust me I feared it all spending 360 points on one model and didn't want o play it due to that. But ran it anyway and he hasn't failed to make his points bad so far. You can run him into draigo and 10 paladins and win for god sake especially if you get iron arm ;) if there is s10 on the board making you fear insta death then fly as majority is blast weapons and can't hit you of you fly ;) if there were s10 shooting that wasn't blast I'd either hold him in reserve so the blastmasters can focus fire on the first turn to remove the threat Orr if I had first turn risk it.